Home Solar Products to Consider

Home Solar Products PhoenixWhen one thinks of solar power, images of roof solar panels immediately come to mind. However, there are actually more than just a few home solar products you can consider taking advantage of. After all, solar offers plenty of benefits – it increases the value of your home, it helps you save on power bills, and it is also good for the environment. 

So aside from the usual roof or ground-mounted solar PV system we are all used to seeing, what are the other home solar products you can consider? Here are a few. 

Solar Water Heaters

Water heating costs take a huge percentage of your power bills. Even if Phoenix is warm most of the year, most would rather enjoy a relaxing, warm bath. Solar water heaters can definitely help you save money because solar power is essentially free! So you can have all the warm water you like for your bathroom, kitchen, and other parts of your home.

Solar Pool Heaters

Many Phoenix homeowners have swimming pools at home. While it’s nice to cool down in a pool especially on hot days, it would be more relaxing to take a dip in a warm pool at night or during colder months. This is very much possible with solar pool heating systems. 

Solar Lights

Your home will look so much more beautiful at night, not to mention more secure, when it is well lit. However, installing so many lights can also consume a lot of energy. Thankfully, you now have an option to use solar lights instead. 

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels, also known as tubular skylights, are openings on the roof that lets natural sunlight into your home. These are strategically installed so that light may be reflected even in areas of your home that do not have direct access to windows. 

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